Sunday, June 22, 2008

Look at all those turtle tracks... nope, make that crocodile tracks!

In May when we did our first count of tracks around the island we came across a section of high density tracks heading up into the dunes. Assuming they were more turtles from the distance, it wasn't until we got closer that we realised that they were in fact crocodile tracks! At least 30 or more heading towards the same point over the dune. On closer inspection we found a wetland behind the dune with a small amount of water still in there. After throwing a couple of sticks to 'test the waters' for mud geckoes we ventured close enough to find a large number of dead fish. There were 3 species we counted, all brackish water fish. These had most likely been washed into the wetland during a tidal surge in the wet season and had died when the wetland dried up. The crocodiles had obviously had a nightly feast in the previous nights. Fascinating stuff!

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