Thursday, October 2, 2008

"The Tip"

While around Seisia we decided to take a drive out to the most northerly point of the Australian mainland. On the way up we called in to The Croc Tent...the only souvenir and information shop on the way. It is run by a friendly couple who we spent time chatting with about our Flatback sea turtle research. Finally we reached a point where there was no more road. So we hopped out of the 4WD and walked the rest of the way to the tippety-top of Australia. We enjoyed the amazing views of Frangipani Beach and Torres Strait Islands to the west, and the Great Barrier Reef’s Islands to the east. We could even see Green sea turtles off shore…they are in this area right now to mate. As we stood together observing the beauty of it all we were greeted by a Green sea turtle who popped up right in front of us. Before departing we had a nice picnic on Frangipani Beach. Then on the way back to Seisia we stopped at a beach by Albany Channel. Here we wadded through the water and walked on lava formed rocks in order to reach a sandstone outcropping which formed a cave. Inside the cave was Aboriginal rock art which dates back thousands of years.

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