Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Civilisation

We were picked up by the ‘Tropic Paradise’ on their way north back to Seisia and arrived back in civilisation late Sunday afternoon. We were exhausted but sad to leave Crab Island. It went so quick. On the boat we shared our stories with a group of New Zealanders and Americans who were eager to find out about our adventure. After only having each other to talk to for the past month, it was overwhelming conversing with so many new people. However, I savoured my first beer which an Aucklander gave me! After arriving back at the wharf we spent our time in Seisia cleaning gear and organising for our trip back south down Cape York. The noise of the ‘crowds’ in the camp ground overwhelmed us and we dreamed of being back on Crab. We can’t wait to return in another couple of weeks…

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