Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet our new neighbours

In the last week we have had some new neighbours move in and start building next door. They are a pair of sunbirds which have been frantically building a nest next to our tent. They both are a beautiful bright yellow and the male has the most amazing iridescent blue on his throat. They are a bird of tropical northern Australia, and to see sunbirds again is a great reminder of where we are.

The nest is a hanging, pendant style made of feathers, leaves, twigs, cobwebs, and bark. They must have the best view on the island having built their nest right on the headland overlooking the water! It has been great watching them busily build. They are near completion and ready for some spring lovin'!!

1 comment:

dylan said...

Brett, I have followed your project and blog since I met your bro, Damien, @ Lightning Ridge in Sept. I am jealous as hell!
My interest is in birds....did the Sunbirds have any success? Have you passed any bird obs onto any of the bird groups e.g Birds Australia.?
Regs Dylan