Monday, September 8, 2008

World Record.... maybe?!

I don't know what the official record is, and I'm pretty sure it's not even recorded, but the number of turtles tagged by a single person in one night may have just been broken! We have been working into the early morning most nights returning to camp completely exhausted, trying to collect as much data as possible. As you could imagine, with so many turtles there is a lot to record. Kelsey has become chief tagger (why turtles run away from me and not her I do not know why?!) - Saturday night saw her tag close to 80 flatbacks in 1 night!!! Has to be some sort of record I'm sure.... and she has a sore thumb to prove it....

Getting in so many tags in the early stages of this trip will pay dividends towards the end when we will be able to see the same turtles nesting again after a couple of weeks (they may nest several times in a season) and we can start identifying renesting intervals for the first time.

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