Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not the usual looking Flatback hatchlings

In the past few days we have come upon a few unusual Flatback hatchlings. As you know from previous pictures of Flatback hatchlings, they are a grey color with darker blackish lines defining their scoots.

Well the first unique hatchling was a tan/olive color and very light compared with its siblings who can from the same nest.

Next, we found a whole clutch of Flatback hatchlings that were all a brownish color. It was very interesting after seeing so many looking the same to come upon those who were slightly different.

Last night we were measuring and weighing a clutch of Flatback hatchlings, when out of the dark scurried a little baby onto my lap. Where he came from I am not quite sure. I noticed he looked small so I put him in my pocket for safe keeping until we finished measuring and weighing the other clutch. So far all the Flatback hatchlings have been about 60mm in length (carapace/shell length) and weigh about 40g. I thought it would be neat to get the measurements of this little hatchling; who I named Teeny Tiny. I found that he weighed 29g and was a mere 51mm in length. I could have kept him, he was so little and cute!

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