Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Salty, sandy, bumpy and soaked to the bone..

... that was our trip back up the remote west coast of Cape York in our zodiac boat as we returned to Seisia to resupply food, fuel and water. The weather was relatively good, but the first half of the trip saw us pushing into the wind and swell which made it very rough. However after rounding Muttee Head for the final run north towards the tip of Australia we were in sheltered waters and we hugged the coast and enjoyed the great views of untouched coastline as we cruised across the smooth waters. After a couple of hours we saw our first signs of civilisation as we passed the Aboriginal community of Injinoo. Seisia greeted us by mid morning with great relief and we checked into our water front cottage feeling as though we had just run a marathon! We savoured our first showers in a couple of weeks! ...and we certainly did need them.... :)

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