Monday, September 15, 2008

The heat has been turned up

Yesterday reached a record high here on Crab. It was 115oF or 46oC and boy we could feel it. The wind died down so we had no relief until the sun went down. We tried to stay in the shade when we could in order to stay cooler. Today went down to about 90oF or 32oC with a nice wind…but on average it has been over 100oF or 38oC. The heat hasn’t really been humid so it isn’t too hard to handle. In fact I like it compared to the colder temperatures I have been told about from my family back in Connecticut. Brett has been enjoying it too since he left the cooler weather down in Tamworth as well. For just the beginning of spring it has been quite hot though, I can’t imagine the middle of summer as it gets more hot and humid.

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