Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nothing gets in the way of a turtle researcher..

Last night we were collecting data from turtles up in the dunes on the north of the island. We were just about to check on another turtle when we came across this nice specimen of a snake. Well, we couldn’t tag a turtle with that right next to us, so we moved the little fella out of the way!
…well I agree, he may not have been so little - in fact at least 10ft! The exciting thing is it is an Amethyst Python and this is the first one to ever be recorded on Crab Island (we did find a skin back in May, but this definitely confirms it!).
When you have a 10ft snake in your hand, 200lb sea turtles nesting all around you and a few sets of crocodile eyes reflecting back at you from the waters edge, all on a brightly lit beach under a near full moon, …you know you are in a pretty wild place!

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