Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A barramundi EVERY cast!

We have got the local barramundi worked out and can now almost guarantee a couple each fishing trip! It is a matter of being at our ‘secret spot’ at the right time – but we aren’t going to give that away now are we?? We learnt the right time through trial and error – we knew it was associated with an incoming tide - went a little earlier and after hundreds of casts with our squidgy lures, not even a bite. But we persisted. … and then we realised there was a pivotal point during the tide, a time when the barramundi could either get over a sand bar as the tide was rising and allow them to get upstream or simply just come on the bite. Either way it is like flicking a switch and each time we go we can get a barramundi on just about every single cast (except the ones that land in trees from errant casts!). The challenge is landing the fish as there are snags everywhere…. But we are learning fast and becoming great fisherpeople as a result…! J

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