Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome to our camp

We have made our camp into a comfortable little home. I will start in the main living/dining room area. Here I have added some decorations…Tibetan prayer flags (thanks to Nancy) hung through the center of the room, on our dining room table I put shells filled with little treasures I have found, a candle, a small tree, and the entrance is lined with coconut shells/husks. We have a small radio for news and music when we can pick up the station. On one side of our main area we have shelves made from bamboo and net to hold our dishes, fresh fruit and veg, and our canned food on the bottom. Next to this shelf are large containers of water and a cooler/eskie to keep things cool for the first few days when there is ice (we don’t have a refrigerator). On the other side of the room is our cooking area. This area contains our stove, condiments, seasonings, some small net shelves for storage, and bins below to keep our food safe from bugs. Also, under this table buried in the ground are potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a pumpkin to keep them cool to last longer. The tables throughout this area are made from the metal pieces from the bottom of our boat. We stacked the metal pieces on netting, bins, bamboo, or wood in order to make the tables sturdy.

Next we will move on to the bedroom. Our bedroom is a tent. The tent is big enough for a full size blow up mattress with space on each side for us to put clothes, etc. There are two large entrances, a front and back door. In addition, the two other sides are large windows. When both the doors and windows are open a nice breeze comes through to cool it down...our air conditioner. The best part is the view from bed. We can see the water and beach from inside the tent. It is so calming to fall asleep or relax while listening to the waves roll in and the birds sing.

A few other additions to our camp…First we have a shower area which contains a solar shower, towel rack, and shelf. Next we have a porch out front on top of the dune; which is called “Billy’s Bluff”. We have an internet/phone booth up on the high dune as well. Here is where we have an aerial attached to long pieces of bamboo then stuck in a tree in order to pick up reception. In addition, we have a hammock hung up in the shade with a beautiful view. Furthermore, to the back of our main area is another high dune which is great for charging things using the solar panel, doing yoga, or enjoying the gorgeous place that we live in. Lastly, we have a garage where we keep the quads in the shade and store fuel.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of our humble abode!

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