Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back In Australia (by Kelsey)

Hello, Kelsey here...Flying in from my long flight from America I was dreaming about being back here; and now I am back to have another great adventure. I know many of the Americans reading this think I am crazy to be heading out to live on an island with crocodiles, snakes, etc. But somehow my fears seem to dissapear when I am with Brett. This is only one of our great adventures and I look forward to sharing it with him. The drive up to Siesa went well...one of the highlights was seeing and touching a blue tongue lizard. It was so cool! There were some rough patches in the road on the way up, but I have no complaints. I am loving every bit of it. It was fantastic waking up with the ocean only 20 yards (meters) away the past 2 days. Listening to the waves is so soothing. I have been so tempted to jump into the water...but then I am brought back to reality when I see a 3 1/2 meter (11.5 ft) croc just offshore. Though this cabin on the water is nice, I can't wait to be back on Crab Island tomorrow.

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