Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mud crab in our path

Last night we left a crab pot near the mangroves, so today we went to check on it. We drove through the bumping terrain in the middle of the island to get there. On the way Brett came to a stop all of a sudden and said, “Look”. I expected to see that we ran over a snake or something like that. But when he reversed the quad there was a big mud crab. After stowing him in a homemade bag (made out of net), we drove to the mud flats. Here we found an empty crab pot which the crabs had broken through...bummer. But lucky for us we got a mud crab for dinner anyways.

On the drive back to camp we stopped to throw a few surface lures in the water to see what we could catch. First we had no luck then all of a sudden I had one. I brought it in and saw that I caught a catfish. We let him go since we already have a mud crab to eat. Now I know why Brett brought me…to catch fresh fish to eat!

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