Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally on Crab Island!

We have finally arrived at Crab Island!! We spent the trip on the mothership Tropic Paradise’ talking to and answering lots of questions from people from all over the globe including Canada, America, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, France and Australia! They were all very interested in our research, but most thought we were a little crazy, and others wondered how we would cope spending 5 weeks in such an isolated and hostile area. To us this is paradise – the landscape and the wildlife is fascinating, the isolation absorbing and every corner we turn there is something new.

We landed on Crab with the wind blowing over 30 knots! Our attempt to land in front of the camp site was thwarted by the barrage of waves. So Captain Greg found a more sheltered section and anchored 500m offshore. We then craned our zodiac into the water and ferried gear to the island. We were farewelled with excited waves from the top deck as Tropic Paradise sailed over the horizon…

It is now just us, the turtles and crocodiles!

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