Sunday, August 31, 2008

Settling in...

We are slowly settling in to life on Crab Island, getting our every day routines worked out and the camp set up. Life tends to work with the tides on the island – turtle research occurs on the high tide when they emerge to nest, hunting mud crabs occurs on the low tide, fishing is tide dependent depending on location, etc. We have had consistent strong south easterly winds blowing since we got here, but we are expecting the weather to fine up soon. Our camp is becoming quite cosy and we have installed new tables, shelves and shower. The yoga deck, front veranda and shower all have a great view of the water. We have both been learning and playing the didgeridoo when we have spare time. Kelsey discovered we share the kitchen with a harmless northern tree snake and we have also found tree frogs, cane toads, spiders and skinks in camp. Today, some guys from a prawn trawler which has been sheltering behind the island came to shore. Yesterday some friends we had met in Seisia, who had flown their helicopters from Cairns and were now flying back south down the west coast, flew out to Crab Island to buzz us. We got warm waves as we stood on our headland and 3 helicopters flew at eye level along the beach.

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