Sunday, August 31, 2008

One cast, One baramundi... no worries mate!

That’s right I, Kelsey, threw in my first cast up a little mangrove inlet and caught a barramundi!!! Woo-hoo! Who knew I was so good at fishing. So here is what happened…Brett took the first few casts in the Mangroves and had no luck, just a few little bites. Meanwhile I am standing on the side; I don’t think he thought I would get one. Then I stepped up to the plate and cast my blue, squishy, smelly lure. My line went right near a log in the water. Brett said it would be the perfect place to catch one. Then in no time my line was tight. I gave it a few tugs to make sure I hooked him good, and reeled him in. What a beauty! The barra was the perfect size for the two of us to eat without wasting any. So we drove back to camp. On the way Brett cleaned the fish (this way we wouldn’t attract any unwanted guests at our camp). Near camp Brett made a fire, while I seasoned the fish (lemon, herbs, pepper, and olive oil) and rolled it in tin foil. Then we threw it in the fire to cook. I cut up some veggies for on the side too. Thanks to the barra, 20 minutes later we were feasting on a delicious meal. No canned fish for us; we eat in style here.

* fresh barramundi for dinner ....mmm

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Sam said...

Put me to shame! well done Kelsey - braved the local croc and cthe mangrove hole came good.......... know where I'd rather be