Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Loading the 'Tropic Paradise' in Seisia

Today we spent the morning preparing and loading the vessel 'Tropic Paradise', a mother ship which runs professional fishing tours down the remote west coast of Cape York. We met Greg Bethune this morning who runs the company Carpentaria Seafaris (www.seafaris.com), and is regarded as one of the best fishing guides in Australia. He has been more than generous in helping us out and dropping us, resupplying and picking us up at Crab Island.
Tomorrow Greg has 9 clients flying in from all over the world to spend 1 week fishing the west coast of Cape York. On his way down he will drop Kelsey and I off at Crab. Our zodiac will be craned into the water with one of the ATVs onboard, whilst the rest of the gear will be transported to shore via one of the 5 long boats.
The wind is so strong at the moment the birds are flying backwards! Hopefully the weather will improve in coming days.

We are both very excited about landing on Crab Island tomorrow.....!!

* You can see our boat and gear on the top deck of 'Tropic Paradise' in the photo above (In the background is an illegal foreign fishing vessel from Indonesia which has been seized by Customs).

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