Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Camp! (by Kelsey)

So we have a nice camp set up now. All we need are some more decorations. It is on a really high dune/hill; which provides us with a great view. The water is a beautiful blue color when the sun is shining on it. Speaking of sun the past few days have been windy and cloudy. Today we can see some more blue sky and it is about 88 F (31 C). I actually don’t mind the wind sometimes because it keeps the mosquitos away. I have to say it was frustrating when we were trying to put up our tent and tarp in the wind.

We collected ghost nets from the beach and recycled them into a mat on the floor, and shelves. We also found a small plastic tub to wash dishes in. We now have a main area covered with a tarp which has a kitchen area, dining area, and storage area. Up a little higher we have our tent to sleep in. Then near there we have hung up a hammock...ahh it is so relaxing! So we just need a few more things to make it feel more cozy. I found some shells to put around for decoration. We are in the process of making a coconut shell path for the entrance. And we still have to set up our shower somewhere. All in all our camp is coming along well.

While searching for things for our camp we found some other interesting things too. We found an aboriginal spear and dugong skull. We cracked into some coconuts which were a yummy snack. Today we are going to fish and/or collect crabs to have for dinner. I hope to catch a barramundi!!!!

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