Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fishing on Crab Island

The time on the island has been great. Even better when we went fishing I caught my first ever barra, 2 in fact. Brett was very helpful and decided that he might catch the bait. He was trying to catch a feed, but he is a lot smaller than me and can survive on scraps.!!!! I felt guilty and had to share and they tasted great straight off the fire with lemon and herbs.

The fishing is a bit unnerving as we fish up amongst the mangroves about 50m from a croc slide at the mouth of the mangrove creek (you can see the slide just over Brett’s shoulders in the photo). You certainly have to be on your toes and conscious of where you are. As we were about to throw a line in Brett decided he might tell a story about coming face to face with a “huge” croc not far from where we were fishing. His timing is always impeccable!!!

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