Friday, November 7, 2008

Our island friends

We weren't sure if crocodiles would be in lesser numbers upon our return after a few weeks. Numbers have remained the same and we count close to 30 crocodiles as we go out on the beach each night. They are still feeding on the hatchlings which are currently emerging in their thousands. However, there are some new individuals which have arrived since we left last time. The focus of the croc activity has shifted to new areas of the island where most hatchlings are emerging. This corresponds with the densest areas in nesting which we recorded 2 months back - those nests which were laid then are now emerging. This has also meant that there are a lot more crocodiles closer to camp than there were in September. But do not worry, we remain vigilent!

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KylieJ said...

Hi Scott, Chris' Kylie here. WOW WOW I am very jealous. I'm an hour away from catching my flight to Sydney for New York trip, and thinking I would much rather hang out with the cros n turtles than the New Yorkers! Tho it sounds dang hot hot hot, sauna weather! We'll have you around for dinner so you can fill us in on the non-G rated stories of your big adventure. Sounds amazing!!! K