Monday, November 10, 2008

Leaving the Island

It is always an anxious time when it comes to leaving the island – hopefully the wind and tides are ok, and the boat starts and runs well. It is also the time when you are spending a lot of time in and around the water, so hopefully the crocs aren’t hungry also! It is definitely not a time to be complacent. The island is remote and it is a long trip back to ‘civilisation’.

We timed the tide to allow the boat to be sitting high and dry on the beach in the morning so we could load it safely with gear and the quads. Thankfully we woke up to a beautiful day and loaded up the boat before waiting for the tide to wash underneath and float the boat. Once this happened around 9am we were off. We cruised along nicely and spent some time surveying the mainland beaches for turtle nesting and spotting wildlife, such as Jabirus. At one stage we stopped to have a cast at some tuna schools which were hitting bait fish at the surface – unfortunately they were submerging quickly and proved tough to keep up with, so we moved on with our dreams of fresh sashimi passing by..

After a good, smooth run Scott pulled the boat up in Seisia mid-morning. The weather Gods had smiled. Seisia is now a very sleepy little outpost now the tourist season is over and no 4wds are heading up Cape York due to the beginning of the wet season.

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