Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to kick back

Hello World, Alby here (hello Jack its Dad!!). Today was time to explore the island a bit. We held off getting any more trackers on last night until we were sure that Sarah J was operational, and Steve (aka Brett) was receiving signals from the heavens.

I have found a new habit of having a coffee on Billy’s Bluff every morning watching the tides and the goings on in the water and in the air around the island. Today was a glorious day without wind and really showed the beauty of Crab Island. We spent a lot of time fishing and checking the inland interior of the island. Its funny how you get used to the crocs being around. You never forget they are there though and one of us now seem to automatically watch the water/beach whenever the others are close by the water. That was a bit hard though when Brett decided that he wanted to get some underwater footage of one of our little mates and went wading chest high to capture, how would you say, unique footage!! (Not sure it will make this blog but worth a look... crazy bastard!!)

We have found a great swimming hole (minus the crocs!) which we seem to migrate to mid morning to avoid the heat. Did I say it was hot, damn hot!!!!. Hit above 50oC again today, and the breeze disappeared so we felt it a little more. It is consistently 40oC+ in our living room.

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