Monday, November 3, 2008

Its My Birthday (A number of firsts)

Hello Jack. Today is my (Scott’s) birthday and I must say I don’t think I have experienced so many new things in the one day. Today was hot, damn hot. It hit 50oC (122oF) at 11.50am this morning. The hottest day for sure I have experienced. It was still 44oC in the shade in the living room. The list of firsts is long, so I wont put a story around them but I will list them:- I have patented a POO swing, strapped a GPS to a flatback, played flatback rodeo, seen a clutch of hatchlings emerge, played darts with shells (Kelsey won), speared a soft mud crab, swam in croc water and watched the sun go down on Billy’s bluff.

Kelsey and Brett have been wonderful today. Kelsey wrapped my present in the Cairns Post Newspaper with a story about a croc, and made me pudding in a can (another first), iced with vanilla custard. I appreciated the thought they put into it, as I also had candles that said “Happy Bday”. (the pudding was too small to say birthday).

As I tap away I have experienced another first. The temperature has just hit 54oC (130oF).

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