Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Island Home

Yesterday we arrived to Crab Island after a fairly easy boat ride. Greg Bethune lent us one of his long boats. This allowed us to pack in a lot of gear. In the boat we had 2 quad bikes, 3 people, 5 nally bins with food and research equipment, 120 litres of fuel, 100 litres of water, our cloths, and a cooler/esky. By the time we got organized and packed it was about 11 am when we left. The wind didn’t pick up too much which was nice. We did get wet, but it was all worth it. Brett drove the hour it took to get to Crab Island.

Then Brett, Scott, and I (Kelsey) went to work setting up our camp. This time was a bit easier than last since we knew where to put tarps, tents, etc. Finally our lovely island home was back to normal. It was such a great feeling to be back here on Crab Island.

After spending so much time here I care so much about the island and the wildlife found here. So when I stepped onto the island again and sea turtles were in sight I knew I was back doing something I love.

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