Friday, November 7, 2008

Where have all the turtles gone??

Last night was a first ever for a Crab Island trip. We drove south…no turtles so we figured they must be all up north again like the other night. Then we headed north...ok no turtles in the middle, that’s ok we still more beach to check. It was empty, all we drove over were old tracks from previous nights. Stopped at the north of the island we sat there pondering where they all could be. There were no turtles at all…not one turtle came up to lay. The tide was a bit lower and the winds have now changed, so that probably held the females back from coming in. Maybe they couldn’t make it over a sand bar, or maybe they are done nesting for the season. We are unsure of the answer to why none came up last night. So it will be interesting to see what happens tonight. Due to the lack of turtles we couldn’t put on our last two satellite trackers. So fingers crossed there are at least two turtles who come up tonight or tomorrow night.

Since we had some extra time on our hands last night this is what happened…

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